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Review Of: The Walking Code

Use: Improve your body language and attract women



Ease Of Use


Terrific program for improving your body language

TAmazing price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Good support


  • Improves your confidence, posture, and body to help you attract more women in your life
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Great exercises for both your mind and body
  • The steps are easy to follow and easily learned
  • Added rehabilitation program that will aid your physique and muscle pains
  • The author is a renowned coach who is an expert in his field


  • The Walking Code PDF is an online reading material or digital product, so if you prefer a physical product you'll have to adjust to this format

Summary: The Walking Code is a phenomenal program that teaches you how to improve your masculinity and helps you become an improved version of yourself.

This system gives you valuable information that can easily be put into practice to your daily routine to improve the way you communicate and address women.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to become the very best one can be and take their life to the next level. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


The Walking Code Review

Being attractive isn't the only way to get a woman to fall for you.

Good looks, great physique, and a solid dental plan sure sound attractive for any woman to be enticed.

But, there's always more than one way to get those head turners and chases.

And that is body language. In this review, we'll take you to another side of attraction. One that's easily taken for granted and underestimated.

The Walking Code Review.

the walking code does it work?

Why Does Body Language Matter?

Body language represents the non-verbal cues that both men and women pick up through perception and, in turn, can influence the way each person relates to one another.

It's a form of communication, but not everyone is aware of another person's body language, not to mention their own!

Certain gestures and movements can reveal your intentions and feelings just by maintaining eye contact, for instance.

Of course, body language entails a wide scope, and this scope includes your facial expressions, the way you touch, your tone of voice, eye contact, and body movement & posture.

Now, here's a story or rather scientific evidence pointing towards just how effective body language can be.

In 2016, Vacharkulksemsuk and associates studied how non-verbal communication impacted dating and online matching.

They used speed-dating to set the stage for their study and looked at the non-verbal behaviors of male-female pairs.

They wanted to see how non-verbal behavior impacted the chances of being chosen for a date. The result?

A 76% increase in the chances or likelihood of getting a date simply by expressing expansive body language meaning, widespread limbs, stretched torso, and open postures.

For online dating, there was a 27% increase in the chances simply by expressing improved non-verbal communication as well.

Now, you might be wondering why this is important?

That's because The Walking Code is explicitly centered around this area - body posture.

Slouched arms and a hunched back don't spell as much confidence compared to a straight back, relaxed shoulders, and your head facing up.

The best part? Achieving great body posture and movement is teachable and easily digestible.

How Do I Achieve Great Body Posture?

You can always hit the gym 5 times a week for about 3 to 4 months, but that also might take you some time.

What you need is a guide that can help you recover your body movement, increase your confidence, and how to get women to be attracted to you using body language.

4-ready made programs and only less than a week's worth of reading sounds a lot better and quicker than hitting the gym for 3 to 4 months 5x a week. Doesn't it?

And this is where The Walking Code comes in.

the walking code free pdf ebook download

What is The Walking Code?

The Walking Code is a program authored by James Knight and Rob Brinded.

Together, they used the knowledge gained from the science of attraction and transformed it into a practical guide so you can grab the attention of women as you enter the room.

As a bonus, it raises your awareness to encourage you to think in new ways and do new things that transform the way you handle and bring yourself in front of women.

How Does The Walking Code Work?

The Walking Code is nothing like fairytale magic. It's not some product you take or apply on your body that will give you superhuman levels of attractiveness.

It's practical, scientific, and involves exercise. Yes, that's right. Simple exercises.

The way we move and present our postures can become dull over the years. We lose practice and awareness of our own bodies, and as a result, we take a big step back, hunch our backs, and slouch...a lot.

The Walking Code works by helping you regain your body movement and posture. It's re-awakening your body to what it used to be: Confident.

The Walking Code can also help men who suffer from muscle pain and back pain. Through simple exercises that target specifically at your hips, you'll learn how to move in a natural, smooth way.

This is different from trying hard to stand up straight or constantly reminding yourself to keep your chin up and wrestling with your ego.

These are daily exercises that will help align your body and posture so that it becomes natural to you, rather than forced.

What's Included?

The Walking Code comes with the following:

  • 4 ready-made programs that are easy to follow
  • 21 exercise videos
  • 11 system instructional videos

It also comes with bonus additions such as:

  • A complete library of learning about mobilization control
  • 3 bonus audios
  • Additional exercises for improved strength and integration, e.g., muscle pain, joint pain, etc.
  • 100% digital delivery for convenience and easy access

To give you a closer look behind the 3 bonus audios, here's what each covers:

Bonus Audio 1 - This will teach you how to improve your presence around women in one place

Bonus Audio 2 - Teaches you the various ways how you can remove the pain in your joints, back, and muscles

Bonus Audio 3 - Teaches you a transformative process that will help you change a lot of aspects of your daily life. In effect, you will learn how to increase your energy levels and improve the way the world perceives you.

About the Author

James Knight and Rob Brinded are one of the most respected kinesiologists around the world in regard to sports performance and attraction.

James Knight currently has a client base of high elite athletes who have received the guidance and support from James Knight into improving their sports performance and their bodies.

James Knight has taken a bigger step further to share his secrets with millions of people worldwide about the science of attraction and non-verbal communication to help men get women.

Benefits of The Walking Code Program Review

  • You'll get improved hip flexibility, which can also help you if you have problems with uncoordinated dancing. Also, this will help you align your hips, rib cage, and feet better.
  • Your body will be more symmetrically leveled to prevent health problems and allow you to attract women more easily.
  • Improved alignment of your body, leading to better body posture and allowing you to attract women with confidence.
  • Higher awareness in communicating non-verbally and learning more on how you can attract women in more than one way
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain, along with an improvement in your respiratory tract. You'll be able to see an improvement in your cardiovascular system.
  • James Knight is a renowned coach for improving the bodies of many athletes, making this product a reliable and trusted source.

The Walking Code promises its users, you'll be able to attract women just by entering the room, along with improved health performance from your hips down to your respiratory tract.

Most of all, learning how to use body language effectively is a system that genuinely works. Don't underestimate the science behind attraction.

the walking code james knight and rob brinded

Risks of The Walking Code Program Review

  • Severe injuries and muscle pain may require extra work and support. While the program does offer its own rehabilitation system, severe injuries also require special medical attention. Consulting your doctor or chiropractor should also be considered.
  • The Walking Code PDF is a digital product, and while this makes it easy to access through your phone or laptop, some prefer using a physical source rather than a digital product.

The Walking Code review is a digital product that makes it convenient for users to access and start learning as soon as they purchase the product online.

While this may be largely beneficial, some may still prefer to use a physical product. Additionally, one shouldn't mistake the Walking Code review as a complete rehabilitation for their injuries.

Although it can greatly help improve one's limbs, the product in itself should still be used with discretion. For safety purposes, consulting a doctor paired with this product can greatly improve any pain you might be experiencing.

Who is The Walking Code For?

The Walking Code is for men looking for a way to improve their posture and want to attract women.

If you're confident that you have all the skills and non-verbal communication knowledge needed for women to fall for you, then this isn't for you.

The Walking Code is a way or guide that teaches men how to improve the way they carry themselves while improving their health and bringing more awareness to their bodies.

If you've felt invisible to women and are looking for a way to change that, then this product is also for you.

You might think that learning how to walk better doesn't create a significant impact; however, as mentioned earlier, non-verbal communication is powerful and proven through scientific research.

Besides, what's the worst this can do if not provide you with more knowledge in your arsenal on how to grab the attention of women?

If this guide can teach you how to grab the attention of women as you enter the room without direct communication, wouldn't that be a treat for you to learn?

Is The Walking Code Free?

No, the Walking Code is not free. If you want to get The Walking Code, you'll have to do so on the official page.

The product costs $47 and also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Improves your confidence, posture, and body to help you attract more women in your life
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The exercises are meant to reprogram your mind and body, that will not only improve how women will be attracted to you, but it will become natural to you
  • The steps are easy to follow and easily learned
  • Added rehabilitation program that will aid your physique and muscle pains
  • The author is a renowned coach who is an expert in his field that has helped many clients, making this product trustworthy


  • The Walking Code PDF is an online reading material or digital product, so if you prefer a physical product you'll have to adjust to this format

Final Thoughts

The Walking Code teaches you how to improve your masculinity and guides you into becoming an improved version of yourself by learning and applying non-verbal communication techniques to your life.

It's more than just a product. Rather, it's a practice you can apply to your daily routine to improve the way you communicate and address women.

Take note that The Walking Code is not intended to be used for malice or acts that would cause harm to women.

True, this may feel like a superpower, because in truth, understanding body language is a power that takes skill and practice.

Always remember to use the knowledge you gain responsibly and maturely. Attraction is a powerful drug, and if handled inappropriately can lead to serious consequences.

We hope using The Walking Code will also make you become an even finer gentleman than you already are.

the walking code review

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