Matt Artisan’s Turn Her On Through Text Review- The Pdf Book For Online Seduction

Review Of: Turn Her On Through Text

Use: imrpove your texting skills and efectively connect to girls online



Ease Of Use


Effective program for texting girls

Amazing price for the value provided

Easy to understand and implement

Decent support


  • Powerful and effective techniques
  • Triggers to get a woman horny
  • The program is easy to understand and implement
  • Fantastic price for the value provided
  • Value in bonuses


  • Takes time and effort
  • You need to be flexible when texting 

Summary: Turn Her On Through Text is an excellent course for every guy who wants to learn how to flirt with girls over text and successfully pick them up.

The system gives practical advice that comes handy to anyone willing to improve his texting game and skyrocket his chances with women.

This review/guide aims to help anyone who is eager to learn the art of inline seduction and start attracting more beautiful girls in his life. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Turn Her On Through Text?

According to recent studies, a regular person spends 6 to 8 hours a day looking at his phone. A DAY!

Sometimes we don’t really realize it. Just like you went to Youtube to listen to a three-minute song, and before you recognize it, half an hour has passed.

The stats don’t lie. Like it or not, people are spending the majority of the day on their phones. This is especially true for women since they tend to grow their online profiles and following the fastest.

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This means that if you want to attract girls to you and get good at it, you will need to master the art of texting them.

Texting a girl can be a powerful weapon. With the right messages, you can easily trigger her, provoke her interest, and take her out.

Moreover, if you know how to, you can sexually arouse women and make them horny from the very first text conversation you have. In this scenario, you can literally skip the dating part and take her home with you. In fact, she will want this on her own.

This is what Turn Her On Through Text focuses on. It emphasizes the necessity of sexual provocation and how to use it at its full potential.

If the idea of leaving girls wet over text while provoking stunning and intriguing images in her imagination and making her crave you excites you (and why should it?), let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how you can achoeve it.

Matt Artisan- The Author Of The Turn Her On Through Text System

Turn Her On Thorugh Text is created by Matt Artisan. He is a dating expert and a relationship specialist. Matt aims to help men improve their dating life take their sexual game to the next level.

As Matt himself stated, he is neither the richest, nor the most handsome guy, nor does he have the sexiest body out there. And this is the point. You don’t have to have all of these to intrigue women and take them to your place successfully.

What Matt has learned through his career and his tremendous experience is that women have their own sexual triggers. However, they differ from ours.

Turn Her On Thorugh Text is specifically designed to teach you how to provoke girls effectively and make them horny with just several messages. In fact, this guide reveals the exact same methods and techniques Matt has used over the years and currently applies to attract and seduce beautiful women effectively.

And if he can do it, so can you. This is the author’s original message. And in his system, he will reveal the proven methods that have given him the desired results.

The Turn Her On Through Text System

Both men and women have sexual triggers.

Men are highly aroused by physical provocation. While there are also other stimuli, nothing seems to catch our eye and make us crave sex as hard as girls revealing more skin.

Remember, this is a natural reaction of our brain and the code our subconscious mind is programmed to follow.

Well, women also have sexual triggers. And while physical provocation might hold some importance, it is not as strong as with men.

While guys can go from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds, girls need a bit more time and attention.

This is because, with them, emotions have a higher impact than what we recognize.

There is a reason women seek attention from men. Well, one thing is that they “need” our validation. However, they also need to feel an emotional attachment with us.

With normal relationships, the time you start to experience “real” sex is when the girl lets go of the mental brakes that are telling her in the back of her mind to play safe and go slower.

There are specific parts of her brain, certain triggers that determine the effectiveness of sexual arousal.

Typically, a girl has something like a barrier that stops her from continually getting provoked and aroused. However, if you know what to go for, you can bypass her defenses, trigger her emotionally and shut down the logical part of her brain.

Once sexually intrigued, women stop thinking rationally. Instead, their whole attention is focused on sexual satisfaction and ecstasy.

This is the true formula behind Turn Her On Through Text. As the name clearly speaks for itself, this system provides you with ways to effectively seduce and make her crave you as fast as humanly possible.

This is also a reason why women's attraction doesn’t depend on things like money, good looks, best physical shape, etc.

Because these aren’t true emotional stimuli. And once the girl is sexually triggered, her mind goes blank and she stops focusing on the factors mentioned above.

This clearly explains why Matt has experienced phenomenal results with women, and why you can see the results yourself!

And to help you succeed, the program focuses on the following points:

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Texting Her After Getting Her Number

You will need a way to text her to use this program. It doesn’t matter if you asked the girl for her number or found a way to contact her using her social profiles.

What matters is how you approach the problem afterward. This is the part where too many guys fail.

You might have experienced yourself that when getting her number, things worked out fine. In fact, it seemed she had a genuine liking towards you. And once you started texting her, everything fell apart.

In order to avoid this unpleasant scenario, you will be given scripts to follow that contain examples of what to go for. This is also where you will find the templates to use if you want to escalate quickly and take her directly to your place!

Matt’s Three Simple Texts

In order to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information, Matt himself has approached hundreds of women to try his methodology and techniques.

As a result, he has found “the secret formula”. These are the three text messages he has sent that have gotten him the best results and always a positive reply from the girl.

Re-Engagement Text

The texting world is complex and dynamic. You never know the type of girl you will be chatting with next.

And while some of them might sexually escalate quite quickly, for others you will need more time to achieve your aim.

This is where you will be provided with material to learn how to follow a dynamic text engagement with a girl and charm her successfully.

First Text Openers

Of course, the way to initiate a conversation can dictate everything that follows. Arguably, this is one of the hardest parts when starting to connect to a girl online.

Matt knows the importance of openers. And to help you succeed, he will provide you with the best phrases and lines he has found and used to start the next wild romance in his dating list.

Funny And Teasing Texts

Not all texts you send can be flirty. And they don’t have to be. You can trigger a woman in different ways.

What might start as a friendly joke can later provoke wild fantasies in her mind. And you would be barely trying while still effectively scoring a touchdown.

In this part, you will be presented with different ways to make the whole atmosphere feel more friendly, funny and exciting.

 But don’t let that stop you!

You will learn how to effectively make a girl bite her lips from what seems at first hand as a friendly joke!

turn her on through text review

Sexual texts

If you want to succeed, you need to flirt with the girl.

Otherwise, you will give her the wrong impression and she might consider you a text buddy. And once you become a text buddy, it would be tough to escape the friend zone abyss.

To help you sexually triggers a woman, you are given a huge variety of texting examples and templates to follow.

Using them, you will avoid awkwardness and being viewed as a creep. Moreover, you will make the girl herself want to see you and have sex with you!

Interesting Questions

Asking the girl questions about herself is regarded as the best way to not only get to know her better but also fill the dreadful silent pauses that might occur.

You are given a list of questions that can help you change the topic of discussion and give a breath of fresh air to the talk.

A vital mistake most guys make, as Matt stresses, is turning the friendly conversation into an interrogation. You start asking questions and you get so carried away, you forget to stop.

And while this might give you the upper hand initially, you stand the chance of becoming a burden if you don’t stop at the appropriate time. To help you avoid this issue, you will be given another script to follow to guarantee your success.

The Number One Mistake

It is a no-brainer that guys make mistakes when texting girls. This is the reason for the ladies to stop replying to your messages, since, chances are, you have lost your momentum and her interest.

Therefore, you will be provided with a list of common examples of what not to text a girl. Once you know what to avoid, you can focus only on winning her heart and making her crave you.

Cliffhanger Text

This is an exciting script because it shows a way to turn the tables around.

When texting a girl, you might be the one that is going for her.

Well, in the Cliffhanger Text, you will be taught how to turn this the other way around and have the girl chasing your validations!

Learn How To Write Your Own Texts

An important aspect of Turn Her On Through Text is that it allows you to follow the logic and reasoning behind the texts you send.

Because, after you finish the program, you might want to change a word or two, try a new approach, or go with what you feel comfortable.

Luckily, this system provides you with flexible coaching on how to craft your own sexy and provocative text that will ensure you get women horny with ease!

200 Proven Texts

Now, this is a library! You are given a wide variety of examples and choices to follow and use yourself.

Girls are different, and they will try and “test” you in their own way. To cover your back, Matt offers this collection of texts that are proven to pass her test and make her want you even more!

turn her on through text

Turn Her On Through Text- Free Bonuses

Once you purchase this program, you will be given two free bonuses as a thank you.

But don’t overlook them. They contain important information that adds additional value and info on how to succeed in your texting conquer.

These bonuses include:

1. Texting Cheat Sheet

You can say this is a resume of the entire Turn Her On Through Text system. This bonus is the perfect manual to follow when you are searching for the right text to send her and the right time to do so.

2. Private Stash

This is Matt’s personal collection of proven texts that give him results. It is as simple as going in this manual and copy-pasting the example that is suitable for your conversation.

With the help of this bonus, you will be able to get the girl on a date, or even get her to come home with you directly!

And if you want to learn more about role-playing, you will be given texts that will make her obsessed with you.

Turn Her On Through Text - PROS AND CONS


  • Powerful and effective techniques
  • Triggers to get a woman horny
  • The program is easy to understand and implement
  • Fantastic price for the value provided
  • Value in bonuses


  • Takes time and effort
  • You need to be flexible when texting a girl

Does Turn Her On Through Text Work - Legit Or Scam?

Time for the final question - is Turn Her On Through Text legit? Can you follow Matt’s advice and expect to see real results?

The simple answer is YES, the program works. If you follow Matt’s scripts and use the messages in the library he himself uses daily, you are sure to get noticeable results.

You are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Turn Her On Through Text is a fantastic program for all shy guys who face hardships when texting a girl and want to learn how to attract and seduce her the right way.

You are given a system that is specifically tested and proven and is used by your dating coach himself to secure more hookups and more beautiful girls.

If you are ready to take your life to the new level and start making women crave a night of sexual pleasure with you, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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