Alex Allman’s Unleash The Beast Review- The Ultimate Guide For Men’s Performance In Bed

Review Of: Unleash The Beast

Use: improve your sex performance and satisfy your partner



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Amazing program for becoming a better lover

Terrific price for the value provided

Easy to grasp and put into practice

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  • Usefull advice
  • Realistic surveys on women
  • Phenomenal program for overcoming inner doubts
  • Effective ways to feel harder and last longer
  • Deals with premature ejaculation


  • Takes time, effort and practice

Summary: Unleash The Beast is a fantastic program for every guy who feels shy about his manhood and performance in bed.

This system gives you essential information regarding the things women put most emphasis on and provides practical ways to improve your game under the sheets.

This review/guide aims to help anyone eager to take his sex life to the next level and fully satisfy his partner. So read carefully and make the most out of it.


What Is Unleash The Beast?

Let me ask you something - how are you living in the greatest pickup culture our world has ever seen? There are literally thousands and thousands of girls who are daily joining online platforms in constant search for friends with benefits.

This goes to say, sex is searched, needed, and demanded! And with so much possible action going around us, men are more scared than ever in terms of their performance in bed. It seems like there is an inner voice that continually builds stress and anxiety inside all of us.

Men are exceptionally nervous regarding size, time one should last, the ability to satisfy their partner, and many more!

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This is where Unleash The Beast comes into place. This guide is designed to help men overcome whatever setbacks they are experiencing in their sex life and take their game in bed to a whole new level.

If you are ready to learn the truths about what women truly want and need, as well as how to properly satisfy your girl, let’s dive a bit deeper into this review and see how Unleash The Beast can help you achieve it.

Alex Allman - The Creator Of Unleash The Beast

Alex Allman is the man behind the Unleash The Beast system. He is a dating coach and professionalist that focuses specifically on sex and men’s performance in bed.

Alex has recognized the severe problems that trouble too many men in term of achieving fulfilling and meaningful encounters with their partners.

As a result, he has created the Unleash The Beast system. Here, Alex gives crucial information on the whole topic of female satisfaction, dealing with inner doubts and insecurities and overcoming specific problems guys face - premature ejaculation, for instance.

This system is a perfect fit for guys who want to receive some much-needed answers to questions that might interfere with their sex life and want to take a turn for the better.

Unleash The Beast System - Some Facts You Might Not Know

A great point about this program is that it gives a realistic and more in-depth overview of what women honestly think about one’s manhood. More often than not, in interviews where girls are being questioned about what the perfect size is and feels like, you will get a wide variety of answers.

Some of the ladies don’t know the difference between 5 inches and 10 inches, some of them are straight lying to your face, some are drunk as hell, and overall the quality of the information is pure garbage, which you might have already noticed yourself.

Well, Alex has a broad base of subscribers, and a lot of them are women, too. Thus, Alex has carried out a survey which goes into much more detail about what exactly is girls’ preferences in terms of sexual encounters.

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Let’s begin with the most anticipated one - size. Everyone is always talking about size, so it must be the whole thing beyond everything else, right? As men and women are continually going crazy in discussions about manhoods, size should be the king, right?

Well, WRONG. Opposite to all the horseshit you have heard for a good part of your life so far, this is a straight-up lie. Moreover, bigger is often worse!

Let’s see how the reality looks like- the vagina is only so big (around 3 inches). And this is typical characteristic for most women, regardless of their age, body, race, or whatever factor you want to put here. The fact that one girl is 6 feet tall doesn’t mean that she has a bigger vagina than a 5.6 feet tall girl.

Another fact is that more than 90% of all men are normal regarding size, which means that they are more than capable of satisfying their partner.

Well, stats reveal that more than 85% of all women are satisfied with the size of their partner, opposite to only 50% of male being happy with their own size. We will discuss soon why this is the case.

But right now, focus on the simple fact that you are in the best category. In fact, let me show you what women think about big penises. 

When your manhood is large or very large, it starts hitting the girl so deep it becomes beyond painful and unbearable. Moreover, in your attempts to plug it all in, she won't be able to last for more than 2 minutes before she dies in pain and the sex stops.

Not to mention, if you have enormous manhood, you will notice that after intercourse, the woman starts bleeding, and I mean heavy bleeding. Do you think this is a typical sign that she enjoyed it, or that she just couldn’t wait for the agony to be over?

My point exactly. This is a vital concept Alex discusses and why you should be more than happy that with the size you have.

The next misconception that is debunked is the difference between long and hard. As women say, when you are big, it takes a lot of “power” to charge it up and keep it hard. Not to mention, if you are slightly drunk, you won't be able to get it up, no matter how hard you try. Too much blood needs to go down there and this isn't always as easy as some have you think.

This is yet another important concept for you to grasp. A girl would much rather prefer something that she can enjoy for a longer period, reach her climax, and start having orgasm after orgasm than a long and stiff penis.

Speaking of time, this is the third concern Alex debunks. As it should have become somewhat clear by know, there is an inverted connection between being bigger and lasting hard for a long time.

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A woman would happily take the ability to last longer over size, any day.

These opinions bring more depth to the whole idea of the “perfect size” (note - it doesn’t exist!) and what women honestly think about it. But don’t worry - Alex has some special surprises for you.

There are certain positions and methods which can make your little friend feel bigger and harder, as well as several techniques to help you last longer than you can except. Now, let’s observe the division of the program.

Unleash The Beast - The Core Of The System

The Unleash The Beast system consists of 7 audio lessons, as 5 of them are presentations on the topic and the last two are Q&A and a bit of bonus material. Moreover, several videos demonstrate some of the methods and techniques in this program.

There are also transcripts of the lessons included in the pack since you might enjoy the pdf version of the system. That being said, let’s take a closer look at each module separately:

What Women Really Think About Penis Size

In the first lesson, Alex goes into greater depth on the whole topic of penis size and its importance to women. Remember what we discussed above? You will see charts that clearly indicate the correlation between the two.

Note that this is a thorough survey that aims to present the truth about “the perfect size objectively” and that many of the girls are loyal subscribers and followers of Alex. Thus, you can expect real and honest opinion and presentation here.

Secrets Of A Harder Cock

This session focuses on different techniques to improve your erection and your control over it. As you can recap, harder bears more importance than bigger. Luckily, this is something you can exercise control over. Moreover, there is also a list of food that will have a positive impact on your erection level.

Often guys don’t realize that what they eat is absorbed from the entire organism, and some of the high-quality micronutrients, or the lack thereof, go directly to “power charge” your manhood. Now you can see the importance of a good eating routine.

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How To Last Longer In Bed

As the name suggests, this module has all to do with lasting longer in bed. Recall that this is a more critical aspect than actually being big down there.

However, there are ways to last longer. Some of them are exceptionally simple, so bloody stupid and effective, you will question yourself how you haven’t thought of them. Moreover, Alex wants to help you also deal with premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is a problem a lot, and I mean a freaking lot of guys struggle from. Nevertheless, there are ways to rewire your brain and change the pace of the game. You will learn practical techniques that will help you overcome premature ejaculation for good.

The Mechanics Of Being A Great Lover (Who Doesn’t Have A Huge Cock)

Here Alex shows you unique methods to make a noticeable difference to your love life. These are specific methods that will make your cock feel noticeably bigger. And the best part is that the girl will notice it!

You will be surprised just how several simple twixes can dramatically improve your and your partner’s experience!

Masculinity And Cock Confidence

The fifth session deals with masculinity and confidence. There is more to self-esteem that one gives credit.

If you don’t feel confident in your own skin and your package, you won't perform at your best. Like if this isn't bad enough on its own, women can literally sense your insecurities. No need to mention that this is a huge turn-off.

Women have a strange connection to the way they drain satisfaction from your own. If you are happy, confident and relaxed, the girl will naturally act in the same way and enjoy you to the fullest.

Q&A 1: Becoming The Man Women Desire And Q&A 2: How To Make Her “Worship Your Cock”

These last two parts are Q&A that answer some additional questions and concerns you might have.

You will clearly see that these problems are some too many guys struggle with, while, in reality, there is nothing to worry about.

Alex helps you achieve a better and healthier mind-body connection and start building that much-needed self-esteem, and more importantly, sexual confidence.

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Unleash The Beast- Free Bonuses

The Unleash The Beast program comes with several additional bonuses. They aim to help you improve your sex life and techniques by revealing specific methods for maximum satisfaction.

These free bonuses include:

The 357 Magnum Technique

One of the bonuses is the so-called 357 magnum technique. There is a video demonstration of this method. Basically, this should be used by guys who are below average in terms of size. This technique will further stimulate your partner and help you reach a better level of satisfaction.

Sex Positions For Feeling Bigger In Bed

This bonus aims to give you more information on the best positions to use during your encounters. You can vary depending on your circumstances, but overall they offer some decent advice that will leave a noticeable difference in the eyes of your girl.

The Magic Bullet Method For Lasting Longer In Bed Part 1 And 2

Here Alex teaches you different ways to deal with the issues of lasing a bit longer to satisfy your partner. Moreover, he covers some new methods of dealing with the problem if premature ejaculation.

This is yet again solid advice that can home handy and helpful if you seem to face these difficulties and need some help overcoming them.

Unleash The Beast - PROS AND CONS


  • Helpful advice
  • Realistic surveys on women
  • Phenomenal program for overcoming inner doubts
  • Effective ways to feel harder and last longer
  • Deals with premature ejaculation


  • Takes time, effort and practice

Does Unleash The Beast Work – Legit Or Scam?

Time for the real question - is this program effective? Can you expect to see noticeable results and improvement in your sex life?

The answer is yes, this system is legit. Unleash The Beast helps you overgrow your shyness and inner doubts, as well as teaches you practical ways to satisfy your partner better than ever.

Furthermore, you are given 60 days full guarantee. This is how confident Alex is that Unleash The Beast will help you see the desired results.


Unleash The Beast seeks to help guys who experience setbacks with their sexual life and want to take their game in bed to the next level.

This system reveals the truth about women and what they want from a man during sex, as well as several techniques to feel bigger and harder while lasting significantly longer.

If you want to learn how to feel better in your own skin while giving your girl more powerful orgasms than ever, this program will provide you with everything you need to succeed.

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