Unlock Her Legs Review Revealed – Discover The Scrambler And Date Hot Girls

Review of: Unlock Her Legs

Use - psychological approach to attract and get the girl you like



Ease of use 


Will help you attract girls and make them fall in love with you

Great price for the value provided

Takes some time to get used to

Good answers but some delays


  • A lot of information
  • usefull advice even for  experienced guys
  • Both the physical and psychological part of attracting women are covered
  • Great value in bonuses


  • Requires time to go over the material
  • Would be good to have some dating experience
  • It is up to you to put effort and execute the plan
Summary: Unlock Her Legs teaches some of the best and most effective ways to level up your game with women and start attracting the hot girls. 
This process shouldn't be overwhelming, however, if you don't have any strategy about the approach you are planning to fail. 
This is why i put review/tutorial together. I hope you make the most of it. Enjoy!  

How And Why I Came Across Unlock Her Legs And How Does The Scrambler Work

Have you ever sat with your buddies, having a good laugh and passionately discussing an important topic, when suddenly someone appears and catches your attention to the point you can’t even understand what is happening at that time? Especially when this person is that one amazing girl you absolutely adore but are too afraid to approach because you might screw things up?

So now you can only watch her pass by to go to another guy, who doesn’t seem to be any better than you, yet he gets all the attention…

I can easily relate to this situation. Why? Because this was exactly me nearly  2 years ago. I simply sat there and asked myself: “What is happening here? Why isn’t she noticing me?”

the scrambler unlock her legs

 I would often ask myself how to charm a girl without really managing to come up with any ideas.

I was left just staring in the background, wondering how to make the change. I know some guys find it super easy to talk to girls, especially the hot chicks everyone wants to be with.

Well, I wasn’t one of them. In fact, I had a really hard time connecting to the opposite sex, be it both in physical contact ( I might just nervously stay next to the woman I was interested in) and verbal approach( have you ever wondered how to start a conversation, and once it gets going, how to prolong it even further?).

And so I was left doubting myself. What was the problem exactly? How do you really make a girl like you? How do you get to the next level?

Discover How Powerful The Scrambler Actually Is

Then it suddenly came to me – was there actually something the other guys were doing that directly or indirectly was having an effect on girls? Could you somehow change a woman’s perspective by improving the way you approach the whole problem? If I was able to get the girl to notice me and, even further, to create a strong and desired image of myself in her head, that would definitely turn the tables around.

How" Unlock Her Legs " Changed The Pace Of The Game

Since all my questions were yet to be answered, I carried out my own research. I was desperately trying to level up my game. My driving thought was to finally start getting that one girl I had my eyes on. I l know I wanted and deserved something more.

So I began questioning – hey, maybe there is another way. What if I can use some kind of trick or maybe a mind game to catch women’s eye and finally have it my way?

ulock her legs discount

This is how I got introduced to the program “Unlock Her Legs”. I got quite interested in the fact that I can use phycology on the hard to get girls and make them crave me.

 Sounds all too good to be true, right? My thoughts were exactly the same. But then I saw it from a different angle – we, humans, always react to a stimulus or a provocation of some kind. Why should love be different? In fact, if there are any good love tips to increase your chances with women out there, shouldn’t this one be ranking at the top?

It turns out the psychological approach does play a huge role in the love game. This program is ideal for all the guys who are tired of not being able to secure themselves with all the hot girls they want and would like to try a different tactic, that is a psychological approach of its own kind! The Scrambler method is the technique that will allow you to achieve this!


The Scrambler Mind Game Technique Explained - How To Make Girls Fall In Love With You

The main focus of “Unlock Her Legs” is to help guys date more. If you feel like you are in the friend zone, might struggle with the ” kind and nice guy” type of behavior or maybe there is a girl you are constantly thinking about, this read can definitely improve and raise your chances with women.

"Thank you again for everything. If I didn't..."

Thank you again for everything. If I didn't use your program I'd still be a lonely friend zoned looser watching porn everyday sulking in self pity.

Also I'd still be with my cheating ex..

Paul W.

"I must say this is probably the best shit..."

I must say this is probably the best shit I have used dating. Finally just what I needed. I recently purchased unlock her legs and applied what I learned and needless to say I have built a team of chicks, chicks even DTF the first night.

Last night. I met a girl face-to-face after meeting on an online dating app, Tinder (EASIEST APP EVER TO GET SOME ACTION). Even while chatting online I used the L, U and S of LUST, this got her excited enough to meet me out. Once we met I used the entire system. She came home with me, she gave it up.


There are different aspects of the program, but the one that lies in the center of the whole system is The Scrambler.

the scrambler

This is the guide that provides the information we are searching for and will be our main weapon.


One important tactic we will focus on is creating an image in the girl’s head throughout different patterns and unpredictable reactions.


The really cool part here is that we are approaching her, yet we are playing the opposite game- instead of trying our best to impress the woman, the aim of the game will be getting her chasing your validations.

Pick up hot girls

Attention is the important word here. The Scrambler technique revolves around it.  I suppose this is something all women are known for – the more they get it, the more they crave it.


Attention equals attachment.


Girls seek out attention because of the feeling of attachment to you. But we can capitalize on that and use it as our advantage!


The goal we are trying to accomplish here is simple- if we can get a girl thinking about you, having that image of you consistently going through her head, she will eventually start trying to impress you and catch your attention.


This is the beauty of REVERSE Engineering Love. This was exactly what our goal was from the beginning, but now we are rather letting her do all the work. Pretty cool, right?

The Scrambler has more than 60 pages focused solely on this topic. It is divided into 5 separate sections:


  • Interrupting Her Pattern
  • The Power Shift
  • The Validation
  • Unpredictable Rewards
  • Physical Intimacy

each with its own thorough explanations and examples to help you get the point and, eventually, the girl.

Here is the deal – we, as guys, prefer a rather ration approach to topics.


Well, usually this is not the case for women. Girls would often say and do certain things or react in a specific way, nevertheless, they will imply exactly the opposite meaning.


This indicates something.


Women will try to test you, provoke you in their own way. This is why you must learn how to gain the upper hand.

This is exactly what “Unlock Her Legs can help you with. A switch to your mindset, approach, and behavior. The program will teach you the secrets about how to make women desire you, the Deadly Seduction Sins you should avoid, how to change her switch and much more….

The Weapons Of Seduction

This is a part I was really interested in. The whole program is divided into 2 parts- a tactical and a psychological. The Scrambler is part of the psychological one as well as the “12 weapons of seduction”.


 I must admit, having made a lot of attempts with different girls, I noticed how accurate this section really is. It goes into detail to explain the 12 powerful hacks that will take your game to the next level. These are the 12 ways to capture her attention and basically have her thoughts glued on you…

ulock her legs review free download

They all revoke around the idea of “emotion game”. Remember, we talked about how girls are addicted to attention. However, if you truly want to stand out from the crowd then your focus should be on creating a different type of attention.


The whole section of the weapons of seduction is based on this concept. It teaches how to create an emotional attachment. 


An important note – this emotional attachment doesn’t mean getting emotional or wondering how to talk about your feelings. This would be the wrong approach.


Getting a girl “emotionally” addicted to being around you is NOT about talking about specific emotions…


It’s about creating them in her.

To make sure there are no misconceptions, this psychological part also includes an audio roadmap.


Bobby Rio has prepared an audio section, where he explains how you should understand and use the Scrambler with the weapons of seduction to maximize your chances of getting the woman.


It goes into a deeper explanation in the science of stepping up – becoming someone who catches the attention to the point girls are becoming “addicted” to you. Here they further answer questions about the way to play the mind game and secure your victory!

The Lust System

Here comes the second part. It focuses solely on the tactic and the way they should be carried out.


It is only natural to feel nervous tension when it comes to speaking with women- what to say, how to act, how to flirt, how to make her like you….


You are all covered here! The point is to improve your ways of carrying a conversation, to turn you into a professional in the specific ways of flirting, how to tell interesting and exciting stories and to become a women magnet.


It shows how to go from the from friend-zoned all the way up to the man girls want to go home with. This section has the practical part that teaches you how to unlock her legs.

Bobby Rio discount ebook download

The lust system consists of an 80-page e-book and 10 video modules that teach all the specific tactics.


A collection of bonuses is included, where Bobby will discuss topics like sexual tension, teach the so-called “ invisible escalation” and much more!


Like if this doesn’t sound too good already,  the program offers even more valuable information! It includes further bonuses in the form of pdf or mp3.


The topics which are covered here provide so much value, and will teach you :

  • The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • She’s Sending You Signals
  • The Magnetic Effect
  • Her Erogenous Zones

If you have problems with talking to girls and struggle the way I did, you will find out for yourself that starting conversations and creating a strong impression is something totally manageable and doable!


The members of the program get access to the forums- there are a text forum and an advice forum.


If you find yourself having trouble or maybe feel insecure about something, this is the place where you can ask for advice, post comments, share your success with others…

The members of the program get access to the forums- there are a text forum and an advice forum.


If you find yourself having trouble or maybe feel insecure about something, this is the place where you can ask for advice, post comments, share your success with others…


ulock her legs program download

Customer Service and Support

In order to make sure everything is going alright, there is support working 24/7 and helping people with their setbacks.


This includes a day-time, an evening and on the weekends the customer service is ready to handle the issues.


A cool thing is that the program has been optimized to be mobile-friendly. So you can open it on all kinds of devices and have access to the materials whenever you like.

"I conquered my girl.
She’s amazing..."

I conquered my girl. She’s amazing, cute, hot and loves sex. And she left another relationship to be with me. Thanks guys!

"this is day 8 of the program and..."

this is day 8 of the program and Ive already fucked the girl ive been talking to four times. It works. She even takes me out. Slam Dunk....

Lesley R

"I just want to say, you guys have changed my life..."

I just want to say, you guys have changed my life for the better. Using the scrambler. Making her use the decoder, cat with the string concept has given me immediate results. Chasing affirmation concept is invaluable. And finally the LUST system brings it home. Complete game changer. Kudos guys and keep up the awesome work, but mostly,...thank you

Unlock Her Legs Review: PROS AND CONS


  • The program provides a lot of information, so even if you have some experience there is still a lot you can learn
  • It is full of valuable bonuses that will dramatically increase your chances with girls
  • You get the whole package – you will learn both the physical and psychological part of attracting women
  • If you have any problems, the forum and support are always there to help you with your troubles


  • It can be a bit too much information if you have had no experience with the opposite sex
  • You still have to carry out the plan you decide to follow

Does Unlock Her Legs Work - Is The Scrambler Legit Or Scam?


Time the real question – is this program legit? Can Unlock Her Legs improve your dating experience and sexual life for the better?

In short - yes, this program works. This system is a perfect fit for everyone who is struggling to pick up women effectively and take them home with him.

You are also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. This goes to show the confidence in the rate of success of the program.


Unlock Her Legs is a terrific program for everyone willing to improve his dating experience and start attracting the hotties, the 9s and 10s.

This system is specifically designed to teach you the fundamentals of female psychology and how to use it to your advantage, how to make women sexually submit to you.

If you are ready to take your sexual life to the next level and start dating the women you want and deserve, this program will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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