What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man?- Age Gap Dating

Have you ever been attracted by an attractive, sexy and gorgeous woman from the second you saw her? You want to talk to hear, be with her, seduce her so badly. However, there is one little problem. The girl is younger than you.

And now you are left thinking- is a younger woman dating an older man a thing? Is it possible?

Let me take all your concerns away. It is totally possible and doable. In fact, you can go as far as attracting a woman that is 20 years younger than you.

dating a woman younger than you

Usually, younger girls view older men as more experienced, more mature, being able to provide something that the boyfriends they have had so far can’t offer.

Nevertheless, you can achieve success in this adventure only if you know and understand what you are doing and what you should be going after. To help you get the young beauty of your dreams, here are several tips and pieces of advice you can follow.

What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man?

Dating a girl that is younger, and especially significantly younger than you, is quite a thrilling experience. Note that, more often than not, she is in a different mature state than you.

It does happen that an 18-year-old lady can have the mature mindset of someone a lot older than her. Nevertheless, this is a relatively rare case. This means that the girl’s perception will vary dramatically from yours.

However, this is also a good sign. You can experience the happiness and joy of the youth, and recreate the experience of your first date or falling in love.

Let’s assume you are in your 30s or 40s, and you want to date a woman in her 20s. At first glance, you notice what can be viewed as a significant age gap. Nevertheless, you can easily connect to her by doing the things she enjoys and insists you do accompany her.

Does she like going to the disco or getting drinks? You won't die if you spend time with her on these adventures, so give it a go. The change in the atmosphere from your current routine will act like a blast to your perspective. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Not to mention, younger women themselves admit being interested in a relatively older partner. They are willing to experience and get to know what it feels like.

If you are looking for a one-night-stand or a quick experience, you can definitely succeed. In the other case, if you want to establish a long-lasting relationship, the future is in your hands. And here are several tips on how to achieve your goal.

Advice On Dating Younger Girls- The Pro Tips You Don’t Want To Forget

dating a younger woman after divorce

1. Be Exciting, Engaging and Intriguing

Don’t be the boring guy your lady won't want to go on a second date with. Engage with her, entertain her and attract her to you. Ask about her personal interests, find out about her passions and desires.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to try out something new and refreshing. It doesn’t matter if you are that big of a fan or not- if the girl is interested in a particular activity, unless it is life or death for you, give it a try.

A good tip would be to avoid the mentality that you have already been there, done this, experienced this, and now you are too old to go through it again. This psychology is crap!

Trust me here, the lady will know how to make things intriguing. So show her excitement. Even better, try to think of something that might excite her and actually do it.

Think about what would fascinate her- a romantic dinner in a restaurant, maybe that you have cooked and prepared something specifically for her, or perhaps take her to an amusement park to have some fun together. Pick something that might intrigue her and go for it!

2. Be Mature- Act Your Age

One of the primary reasons young girls have an interest in older guys lies in their maturity. Women view their older date as more experienced, more “advanced,” being able to entertain and connect on a different level. So, stay consistent with your style. Let her know that you are the man she wants to date.

On this note, remember one thing- always treat her with respect. The fact that she is younger doesn’t mean that you should act disrespectfully toward her or her opinion. Furthermore, don’t be harsh to judge or jump to conclusions.

dating a young woman with a child

Sometimes, a girl will test you to see your reaction and behavior. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should tolerate any insults or non-appropriate jokes. If you cannot put up with it, just show her where her place is in a respective manner.

Another important note is to be yourself. You might recognize that some of her friends will have a style that is just the opposite of yours. Don’t take it seriously. Be yourself instead of trying to transform into one of the crowd.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Charge

One thing that all ladies find exceptionally sexy is a man who can lead them. You have more experience than the guys she has already dated, so show her just that- just how different the experience with you can be. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take charge.

In fact, when necessary, do take full control over the situation. This is attractive, this is sexy, and this will get her impressed.

4. Plan For Something She Doesn’t Expect

When taking her out on dates, think for a bit what might the already have experienced. It wouldn’t make much sense to take her on to a place where she has been with several other boyfriends in the past.

Instead, improvise. Take her to a place she hasn’t been before. Make sure you plan ahead and arrange the date. A good example can be a restaurant.

Take her to one of the best restaurants in town. Make sure your presence is known. Make it clear that you have reserved a table, arrange everything and show her something a bit more luxurious or different( I suppose not that man guys have taken her to a prestigious restaurant, where they are elegantly dressed and behave formally).

This is new, this is different, and it stands a high chance to leave a good impression.

5. Be Careful How Far You Are Willing To Go

You should double-think how far you are willing to go and what you are willing to do to attract the young beauty.

Remember, you are here in search of a possible relationship. This goes to say, the girl should love you because you are a good company, can listen to her and give her your full attention, and can support her.

And you aren’t here to be her sugar daddy. While you will most likely spend some money on the dates themselves and try to attract her, this shouldn’t be done by you buying her love.

Don’t go over the board in discussions about money. Buy what you would consider being appropriate for the date, and nothing beyond that.

dating a younger woman tips

Don’t go over the board in discussions about money. Buy what you would consider being appropriate for the date, and nothing beyond that.

While women do like older guys because they are usually better financially secured, they should have real feelings, passion and desire towards you.

So be careful how you spend your money- whether it is something necessary for the date or you buying her happiness.

Cons Of Dating Younger Women

1. Sugar Daddy Issues

As I already said, you need to make sure the girl wants to be with you because of you, and not because she is searching for a sugar daddy. This is a common trap many older guys fall for when searching for a younger partner.

It is normal for girls to want to be taken care of and to want a thing or two from time to time, but if you are always the one to pay and buy her whatever she wants, you know this is your call to move to the next one. You will never be able to buy your happiness.

2. Don’t Settle Because Of Desperation

Let's assume that there is a girl that is relatively younger than you. You like her, and finally, you got her attention. You feel like something is out of place, but you have spent so much time going after the lady and spend so much on her you don’t want to lose her.

Moreover, you might feel fear that you won't find another girl if you happen to leave the one you are currently dating.

In this case, take a deep breath and take this mentality out of your head. You shouldn’t settle down for everything less than what you deserve.

 If you feel like you are becoming a sugar daddy, for instance, you took her on a date and you were the only one who paid for everything- without even getting a simple “thank you” or having her make up her lips and try to contribute to the date, this is your wake up call.

Leave the girl and move on to the next one. It might be painful because of all the energy and resources you have already invested in this relationship, but this will be minimal damage in comparison to the long term hard it will cause you.

3.      Be Mentally Tough

It is no surprise that finding the love of your task is a lot easier said than done. Be prepared to face difficulties and hardships.

While you should strive for the best, make sure you are also prepared for the worst. If you are dating a younger woman and feel that the vibe is missing, or that this relationship will go nowhere, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger and tell her.

It is of no good to any of you to beat a dead horse to death.

You might instantly find the girl of your dreams, or it might happen after several attempts. So make sure you are ready for this adventure.

While there is no such thing as an absolute guarantee, I can assure you one thing- if you quit, you will never succeed.

Can Dating A Younger Woman Really Work?

By now, you should have already made up your mind. The answer is YES, this is totally manageable and doable. And now you have several guiding points you can implement to attract the lady.

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